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Rosalie offers a variety of services perfect for your event! 

Whether you're just looking for someone to get the party started at an upcoming celebration or you desire entertainment in the form of dance at an event, Rosalie can help. Through her network of local dancers, she can also coordinate performances that require partner and group choreography. 


She can also help you be the entertainment! If you need a dance choreographed for your wedding, flash mob, production or for any other reason, Rosalie can do it. Whether it's for individuals, couples or groups, she can craft the perfect combination of moves for your idea. 


And of course, one of Rosalie's favorite thing about dance is the endless room for creativity. If you have a dance-related idea that you think she might be able to help with, Rosalie wants to hear about it. Either fill out the general contact form or submit your request to Rosalie here to see if she can begin working with you to turn it into a reality. 


As applicable, please list the type of dance you're looking for, any specific important details regarding the event, and the date and time of your event when you make your booking request. 

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