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Thank you for your interest in participating

in our Virtual Dance Classes!

To complete your registration, please click on the  PAY NOW  button

under the class or package you are interested in.

We are excited to dance with you!


DANCE Package

(Choreographyy & Zumba classes.

Does not include Workshops)



ZUMBA Package

(Does not include Workshops)



Thursday @ 10:00am

$6.00 for 1 class


Sunday @ 10:00am

$6.00 for 1 class


(Latin, Hip Hop and more!)

Saturday @ 6pm

$6.00 for 1 class

** All classes are held via ZOOM or Facebook LIVE. If your registration was not received at least 24 hours prior to class, the access information will be provided to you for the next scheduled class.**

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 If you have any questions, please call 561-244-9450 or email

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